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H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
S P E C I A L F E AT U R E : E U R O P E A N I N S T I T U T E O F I N N O V AT I O N & T E C H N O L O G Y
particularly regarding the legal requirements and agreements. A starting
plan has been formed and initial staffing decisions need to be made, as
well as forming a marketable identity.
By the end of September, each KIC will have presented their first business
plan, paving the way for funding from the EIT, which is up to 25%, but
also from private sector funding, which comprises the remainder of the
budget, for operations. We have learnt lessons from the development of
the first KICs in 2009 and hope the process will now be quicker. The
faster the start-up process, the more benefits Europe will be able to reap.
What are the plans for the next two KICs under
Horizon 2020, namely ‘Food4Future – sustainable
supply chain from resources to consumers’ and
‘Added-value manufacturing’?
These two new KICs will be launched in 2016. We are currently preparing
the call for the KICs and are building upon the steps and processes we
have taken in this latest call. It is a long process as it takes time for
potential organisations to form partnerships. We are raising awareness
and hope to have a good competition in 2016.
where existing KICs are mostly active. In
addition, EIT Raw Materials has a strong
education element, with more than 1,000
master’s and PhD students expected to already
have graduated by 2018.
How important are international
partnerships to the new KICs, and
what are your thoughts on the plans
for the new co-location centres?
Partnerships and the full integration of
business, research and higher education are
crucial for the EIT’s KICs. We see co-location
centres as places where innovation happens,
where we have excellence, and where world
class universities, research centres and
businesses collaborate in one physical location.
We already have co-location centres in London,
Stockholm, Barcelona and Paris, amongst
others, which already see a lot of innovative
activities happening.
The new KICs also added new co-locations to
our map, such as Luleå in the north of Sweden,
and we are very happy about it as it is part of
fostering greater impact to increase the reach
of the EIT’s KICs to a wider area in Europe. This
is good news and we are committed to
stepping up the EIT community’s outreach
activities to stakeholders across all of Europe.
What are the next stages in regards
to setting up the KICs and their
official launch?
We are now moving very fast in setting up the
KICs. We have sent EIT Health and EIT Raw
Materials designation packages. The new KICs
have also been set concrete milestones on
what achievements now need to be made,
Martin Kern
European Institute of Innovation andTechnology
2 0 2 0
Current KICking
EIT Health and EIT Raw Materials join three existing EIT KICs
created in 2010. Climate-KIC is defined as the EU’s “main climate
innovation initiative” and is Europe’s largest public private
innovation partnership focusing on climate change mitigation and
adaptation, encouraging sustainable growth. Research is
undertaken across eight themes, including sustainable cities,
resource efficiency and developing a bioeconomy.
Joining Climate-KIC is EIT ICT Labs. The KIC aims to “drive
European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and
quality of life” and states ICT as vital to helping address Europe’s
grand societal challenges, in addition to encouraging the
development of new ideas in the emerging digital society.
Finally, KIC InnoEnergy supports environmentally friendly energy
projects through “creating future game changers with a different
mindset and bringing innovative products, services and successful
companies to life”. Activities cut across eight technology areas,
which include energy efficiency, electricity storage and smart and
efficient buildings and cities.
EIT Raw Materials’
mission is to boost the
growth and
attractiveness of the
European raw
materials sector via
radical innovation
and entrepreneurship
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