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knowledge triangle. EIT Health project partners will be able to form
dynamic cross-border partnerships and share knowledge and best
practice across the co-location centres and InnoStars. The KIC will be
able to couple academic research and knowledge with an entrepreneurial
spirit. In addition, it will create interdisciplinary focus on social and
organisational practices. The international environment will make it
possible to overcome structural and geographic boundaries so that we
can launch new products, start new companies, and train a new
generation of entrepreneurs more effectively.
What are the next stages of EIT Health’s development?
By mid-2015, we will have established the legal entity, signed the
contract with the EIT and formed the governance structure across the
six national co-location centres. The centres will be based in London,
UK; Stockholm, Sweden; Barcelona, Spain; Paris, France;
Heidelberg/Mannheim, Germany; and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The
international headquarters of the KIC will be in Munich, Germany.
Once the structure of the KIC has been developed, we will form dynamic
cross-border partnerships focusing on three major project categories.
The first is called ‘Innovation by ideas’ and includes bottom-up proposals
from EIT Health partners along the KIC’s thematic challenges. The
second, entitled ‘Innovation by design’, is a top-down call for projects
around topics defined by EIT Health. The last project category is named
‘Head-start projects’ and will consider fast track project opportunities
with a special focus on SMEs; it will explore and pilot new efforts.
The overall goals of EIT Health are to contribute
to economic growth in the health sector,
improve quality of life across Europe, and help
to keep healthcare affordable. Established to
facilitate and promote innovation, EIT Health
addresses all aspects of the knowledge triangle:
innovation, business creation and higher
education. The KIC will attract and develop
young talent, build and sustain enterprises, and
will strongly support entrepreneurial thinking,
helping to result in more innovation activity
within Europe.
By a better use of research output, EIT Health
will generate economic and social value and it
will speed up the time to market for new
products and services in the health sector.
These products and services will contribute to
the sustainability of healthcare across Europe.
EIT Health also aims to create 70 start-ups per
year by 2018, and it will enrol one million
students in its educational programmes.
What role will InnoStars have in
EIT Health?
InnoStars are regional clusters in Croatia,
Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Wales,
UK; they are fully integrated network partners
of the KIC and will leverage diversity and
innovation from all areas of Europe. InnoStars
will also engage less economically developed
regions in order to ensure wider participation
and outreach across the European innovation
landscape. Additionally, with InnoStars as a key
partner in our consortium, we can spread
innovation in healthcare a lot faster throughout
the continent.
How important is international
collaboration in the KIC?
International collaboration through our co-
location centres is the key to the success of
EIT Health as all projects require cross-national
participation. Through our highly integrated EIT
Health consortium, we will be able to link far
beyond the classical healthcare players. Our
co-location centres will bring people with
similar ideas and concepts together and allow
them to act shoulder to shoulder to reach
common goals.
How will the KIC seek to resolve
the fragmentation of health systems
in Europe?
The EIT’s large consortium has the power to
overcome fragmentation by establishing the
Dr Ursula Redeker
EIT Health
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S P E C I A L F E AT U R E : E U R O P E A N I N S T I T U T E O F I N N O V AT I O N & T E C H N O L O G Y
The KIC will be
headquartered in
Munich and will
include special
support for SMEs
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