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“Today Europe is turning a page. After years of
fighting to restore our fiscal credibility and to
promote reform, today we are adding the third
point of a virtuous triangle: an ambitious yet
realistic Investment Plan for Europe. Europe
needs a kick-start, and today the European
Commission is supplying the jump cables.
“Investing in Europe – it means much more
than figures and projects, money and rules.We
need to send a message to the people of
Europe and to the rest of the world: Europe is
back in business. This is not the moment to look
back; investment is about the future.
“Of course, we should never neglect the
sacrifices that many in Europe made over the
past six years to overcome the crisis, nor should
we stop the push to bring down barriers, open
up markets, and reform what doesn’t work in
our economies. These are necessary, but are
not sufficient conditions for growth.”
The Commission President continued: “We
need structural reforms to modernise and
preserve our social market economy. We need
y number one priority will be getting Europe growing again
and getting people back to work.” This was the proclamation
of Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European
Commission, as he entered his Brussels office in November. This
Commission’s solution is the ‘Investment Plan for Europe’, a new, major,
three-year, €315bn initiative unlocking public and private investment in
the real economy and encouraging growth and creating jobs. The
strategic plan is a central plank of Jean-Claude Juncker’s Presidency
and focuses on plugging the investment gap that now plagues Europe –
statistics suggest that investment in the continent has dropped by more
than €434bn from its height in 2007.
According to the Commission, the Investment Plan aims to “reverse
downward investment trends and help boost job creation and economic
recovery … take a decisive step towards meeting the long term needs
of our economy and increase our competitiveness … and strengthen
the European dimension of our human capital, productive capacity, and
knowledge and physical infrastructure”.
Investment Plan
In order to announce the grand plan, in November Juncker travelled
to Strasbourg and addressed the European Parliament, the place
where “important things should happen”. Speaking to MEPs, the
Commission President said Europe was about to embark on a new
chapter in its history.
A grand plan
Addressing the European Parliament in Strasbourg, European Commission
Jean-Claude Juncker
set out the €315bn plan aimed at unlocking
public and private investment
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