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Special mission
DI Energi has set up a special committee to
support Danish companies in order to encourage
constant innovation. According to the chairman
of the Innovation and Development Committee
and chief executive of innovation consultancy
firm 1st Mile, Søren Houmøller, always striving
for the greatest achievements is the only way to
gain the lead in energy technology that Denmark
yearns for. Houmøller said: “If we are to get the
maximum out of our strong position in energy
technology, we need to continually ensure that
our research and innovation activities in energy
are among the best in the world. We must
continually ensure that we increase the
knowledge content in our products.”
DI Energi believes that Horizon 2020 can be
instrumental in EU research policy towards
finding solutions to societal challenges such as
affordable and clean energy, but only if we make
sure that the private sector, government
authorities and research institutions continuously
co-operate among the European energy system
to test and demonstrate new solutions. By
employing this strategy, multiple benefits to both
consumers and industry will be garnered, in
addition to contributing to strengthening the
development of a new and smart energy system
in the future.
Efforts in research and innovation that
transform original ideas into new products and
services, thereby contributing to European
competitiveness, growth and jobs, are the
essential road for Denmark to take.
ubstantial new innovations are needed in Denmark to realise its
green ambitions to become independent from fossil fuels by 2050.
Horizon 2020 can be instrumental on a European level, but it
requires co-operation between the private sector, governments and
researchers. For almost two decades, Denmark has had one of the
world’s most ambitious policies on energy. In 2012, the Danish
Parliament reached a broad compromise on an energy policy agreement
in the framework of the Danish energy system in the period 2012-2020.
Alongside this, there is political consensus on the development running
to 2050, and the green changeover of Denmark’s energy system receives
wide support from the Danish industry.
The ‘Accelerating Green Energy Towards 2020’ report, part of the 2012
Danish Energy Agreement, estimates that in 2020 approximately 50%
of electricity consumption will be supplied by wind power, and that more
than 35% of final energy consumption will be supplied from renewable
energy sources. Furthermore, it is expected that there will be a near 40%
reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and gross energy consumption
will be cut by 7.6% compared to 2010. Whereas 84% of Danish
electricity needs were met by fossil fuels in 2000, the share in 2020 will
have dropped to 29%. Denmark is already well on the way to reach its
target for wind power, with 39.1% of the country’s electricity consumption
supplied by wind power in 2014 – a new record.
Top priority
DI Energi, a business alliance under the Confederation of Danish Industry
that promotes the commercial interests of Danish companies in
international markets, recently published figures showing that one-fifth
of all Danish exports are related to energy technology and goods. The
energy industry is a main pillar of Danish exports, and foreign companies
know that they must look toward Denmark when they invest in new
energy technology.
Research and development in new energy technologies is a top priority
for DI Energi, and Horizon 2020 can help Danish and European
companies in such developments. Together with the regulatory
framework, research and development of new energy technologies has
been a cornerstone in the country’s energy policy. Pioneering initiatives
in the development and deployment of such new technologies and
solutions have put Denmark at the forefront of finding inventive and
effective measures to increase the amount of renewable energy in the
energy system.
Energising Danish policy
Troels Ranis,
director of DI Energi, details how, with the support of Horizon
2020, collaborative European research and innovation can help transform
Denmark’s energy industry to become truly green
Troels Ranis
DI Energi
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Troels Ranis
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