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to share their outcomes. Collaboration, even on
an informal level, such as regular technical
discussions, helps to inspire ideas.
MEDOW consortium partners Cardiff University,
KU Leuven and Universidade do Porto are also
members of ‘Vision2020: The Horizon
Network’, a collaboration platform for research
organisations and companies participating in
Horizon 2020.
Cardiff University and KU Leuven are both
members of the Vision2020 Energy Cluster. It
is anticipated that the work of the cluster will
facilitate further energy-related research
collaborations between the two institutions and
other members of the cluster, allowing them to
access increased funding from the EU.
MEDOW is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme
of the European Union.This document reflects only the
author’s views; the European Union is not liable for any use
that may be made of the information contained herein.
At a European level, this kind of collaboration supports the concept of
a united Europe, and the work of the MEDOW project directly supports
the proposed Energy Union and the future creation of a European
supergrid. The idea of a European renewables power grid is also backed
by the environmental charity Greenpeace.
Collaborative partners are able to introduce each other to their industrial
partners, which broadens the vision of each partner’s research and helps
H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
Catherine Roderick
Cardiff University
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S O C I E TA L C H A L L E N G E S : E N E R G Y
A co-operative platform for universities, research and technology
organisations (RTO), and innovation and research-focused SMEs
that participate in the EU’s framework programme, Vision2020: The
Horizon Network acts as a specific hub for ‘excellent Horizon 2020
participants’. The platform is intended to ‘maximise the value and
funding they can obtain from Horizon 2020’.
According to Vision2020, members of the hub are a top group of
leading international European institutions that have been
particularly involved in the previous R&I framework programme. In
addition, the participants have been ‘directly involved in the
development of Horizon 2020’.
Vision2020 is built upon a structure of different clusters, reflecting
the organisation of Horizon 2020. The hub says: ‘Each cluster
contributes towards the Horizon 2020 programme and acts as a
platform for forming consortia and launching successful proposals.’
The clusters notably include biotechnology, health, nanotechnology
and energy.
Vision2020 also includes a policy hub, which ‘hosts a group of
European research and innovation specialists representing its
excellent RTO members’. The platform describes this policy hub as
a ‘credible group of experts that discuss and advise on Horizon
2020 matters at both the programme and policy level’.
SME driven
The members of Vision2020 are spread throughout Europe and
include a variety of European universities, as well as a significant
number of small and medium-sized enterprises. The Vision2020 for
Enterprise approach includes key assistance to help SMEs gain the
greatest benefits from Horizon 2020.
According to the platform, such help involves: ‘Linking SMEs up
with relevant research groups in leading research organisations
across Europe. These groups may be able to collaborate on
profitable research projects, carry out contract research, or hold
existing intellectual property that can be developed into products by
SME members.’
In addition, Vision2020 for Enterprise seeks to: ‘Implement new
methods for SME participation that bypass the problems faced in
previous EU funding programmes. These include smaller project
structures with specific research goals, quicker development
cycles, minimised bureaucracy and maximised use of up-front
payments to SMEs.’
Vision2020 charges a subscription fee to SMEs to become involved
in the platform.
Cardiff University,
located in Wales, is the
co-ordinator of the
MEDOW consortium
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