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he Green Solar Cities EU-CONCERTO project focuses on
the practical, large scale implementation of solar energy
technologies in combination with new build and retrofit
low energy buildings in the city of Copenhagen, with its partner
cities of Valby, Denmark, and Salzburg, Austria. The project book,
also titled
Green Solar Cities,
aims to influence decision makers
in European cities towards a similar approach to the project, in
close co-operation with leading building component suppliers,
energy companies and engaged builders also working with local
city officials.
This book will benefit those in the situation where many cities aim
at a smart city development but lack clear policies to achieve that
in practice. In Denmark there are similar policies, with an overall
aim of being CO
neutral by 2025 in the city of Copenhagen.
However, there is still a lack of understanding concerning how
solar energy, as the world’s number one energy source, can play a
major role in this and how this can be combined with energy
efficiency policies, the use of district heating, and the use of
combined heat and power.
The general aim is to introduce the international Active House
standard and work on ‘active roofs’ of the future. The connection
between solar energy and low energy building and energy
renovation is to hopefully be ensured with the assistance of the
Active House standard, which has been developed in co-
operation with a number of leading building component
manufacturers in Europe.
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Green Solar Cities,
The big transformation towards use of solar energy
Since the first oil crisis in 1973, it has been very clear that solar
energy, wind energy and other renewables are the energy sources
of the future since the amount of fossil fuels are very limited and
emission is a serious problem.
At the same time it must be clear that one of the most important
research and technical development areas is the combined focus
on how to save on energy use, optimise the energy supply
systems and combine the use of renewable energy sources with
solar energy as the most promising option.
In the late 1970s there were very few examples of solar energy
utilisation. Since then a large number of solar low energy new
build and retrofit schemes have been realised, in many cases as
either EU or Danish-funded demonstration projects.
Since the new building rules were implemented in Denmark in
2006, based on EU demands, a large number of building projects
have been realised with new optimised constructions, and
installations have been introduced – often in combination with the
use of solar energy.
With the improved demands of the EU Energy Performance of
Buildings Directive from 2010 aiming at a nearly zero energy
standard for new builds from 2018 in public buildings, and in
2020 for all buildings, coupled with demands towards EU
member states to create a similar standard for existing buildings,
it is now a challenge to create a whole new basis of energy
efficient building design in Europe.
There have been both positive and negative experiences during
this period, based on which it can be stated that a main barrier of
both energy saving and solar energy solutions is that you cannot
always be certain that building projects realised in practice will
perform in accordance with calculations, which means
performance verification is a very important task to focus on.
A main idea of
Green Solar Cities
is to be open about the
problems and failures you experience, as well as showing that
both older demonstration projects and quite recent ones display a
clear mix of both good and less good performance results. All this
experience is very relevant and can be learnt from.
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The Green Solar Cities project works to create new and retrofit low energy
buildings with solar energy technologies
Green Solar Cities
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