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and the resources and services they provide across multiple
sectors. Capacity building will here play an integrated role.
Research approach
As the abovementioned challenges require a true, focused,
interdisciplinary and cross-sector approach, the Hjort Centre will
be organised to encourage creative and productive discussions
among researchers and students with different scientific
backgrounds. Each of the six established research themes starts
off with challenging research questions followed by how the Hjort
Centre will specifically address these, although we recognise that
the science plan will be dynamic in nature as new progress is
continuously made and new challenges might emerge. These
themes are: 1) Dynamics of ocean primary productivity; 2)
Dynamics of trophic pathways; 3) Dynamics of harvestable
resources; 4) Dynamics of marine ecosystems under past,
present and future climate; 5) Observation methodology; and 6)
Integrative modelling. The last two themes will perform research
and develop tools to be applied across all other themes.
The key approaches to improving marine ecosystem research
capacity are:
Use fundamental principles within general life history theory
and theoretical ecology as a platform for further hypothesis
testing and validation in laboratory and field, as well as for
further redefining or developing existing theoretical models;
Actively use a range of dedicated experimental studies to
parameterise key variables in relevant numerical
ocean models;
Design observations and experiments across sampling
platforms and ocean regions for comparative studies;
Establish innovative ways to address the large dynamics seen
in the productivity of harvestable stocks across various
timescales and biogeographically defined marine regions, and
the anticipated conflict between long term sustainable harvest
and increased landings;
Strengthen observational capabilities and strategies tailored to
quantifying the ecosystem state and processes with modern
statistical models reflecting levels of uncertainty;
Develop global and integrated physical, biogeochemical and
ecological ocean models for studies of ecosystem dynamics
and of the predictive capacity of ocean productivity to
accelerate global change in the Anthropocene;
Engage and actively support the involvement of talented
students and emerging early career research leaders in all
activities of the Hjort Centre; and
Make room for innovative ideas and challenging research
questions in any facets of this field of marine science.
Daily life at the Hjort Centre
The Hjort Centre for Marine Ecosystem Dynamics was officially
opened on 18 February 2014 and is situated in Bergen on the
Norwegian west coast. The centre is named after Dr Johan Hjort,
born on this date in 1869 (-1948) and considered a founding
father of modern marine sciences. The centre represents a
network cluster consisting of the Institute of Marine Research, the
University of Bergen, Uni Research and Nansen Environmental
and Remote Sensing Centre. It is organised as a formal research
programme with extensive collaboration and is run daily by
director Dr Olav Sigurd Kjesbu, administrative staff and five
‘science motivators’. About 90 research scientists are members,
as well as four postdocs and one full time senior researcher
employed by the centre. Annual scholarships are offered to visiting
scientists, and the centre organises international summer schools,
conferences and seminars. In 2014, 44 peer-reviewed
publications were reported by the members. Financial support is
provided by participating institutions as well as the research
project portfolios of individual members. The centre is guided by a
scientific council consisting of leading senior researchers. Please
visit our website for further information:
Dr Olav Sigurd Kjesbu
Hjort Centre for Ecosystem Dynamics
tel :
+47 930 47 611
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