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H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
S O C I E TA L C H A L L E N G E S : E N V I R O N M E N T
it in remote areas of the world, ‘undeveloped’ or
infrastructure-lacking regions of Europe, ‘developed’
continents, or simply right on our doorstep, it is a
fact that there is a growing demand for ecologically friendly
workshops, engineering, as well as surveying and non-destructive
testing (NDT)/ ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) solutions
in the marine ferry/ cruise and offshore industry.
In order to achieve the goals set within the EU’s Europe 2020
initiative, such as growth of renewable energies (offshore wind
and tidal power), mapping of the complete European seabed
and building of the European Marine Observation and Data
Network (EMODnet), there is a substantial requirement for
special vessels such as research and patrol up to wind and tidal
craft installers. This specialised marine operation – as well as its
supply vessels, cargo carriers and people transport links, e.g.
ferries, crew boats and even cruise liners – needs green/ blue,
versatile and flexible solutions for the necessary services and
maintenance of these vessels.
Additionally, these services and maintenance solutions also need
to be economically sustainable in order to ensure that owners
and managers, as well as the service providers, can participate
and converse to improve the environment and economy in equal
measure, as set out in the EU’s green paper on the matter:
‘The move to ecologically friendly methods and industries is
necessary, but it is also a chance to create a modern and
sustainable new marine service industry with secure jobs and
great business opportunities.’
Promote efficiency
All assets in the marine and offshore industry represent
substantial investments as well as great responsibility, and down
time must therefore be kept to a minimum, unnecessary fuel
consumption and emissions must be prevented, and any required
repair or maintenance must be carried out quickly and in a
flexible and environmentally friendly way. Meanwhile, services
must be of high quality and, last but not least, come at a
sustainable price. For the fleets or groups of the aforementioned
vessels, it would be ideal if the shipyard/ workshop could come to
them. This alone is not a new idea, but combined with green
technologies, state-of-the-art engineering, cleaning, maintenance,
as well as measurement and test facilities, the only thing that
cannot be done is dry docking the vessel on site.
By now there are already potential solutions for how the shipyard
can be brought to the vessels. A 100-500m
, climatised, Wi-Fi
connected and double-floored, fully equipped mobile engineering
and mechanical workshop, which can be transported in 4’ x 20’
containers and built up in less than five days in any location, and
which includes some sort of cold water and electricity supply, is
already available.
The double flooring and the black water tank, which the workshop
is equipped with to ensure that no pollution enters the
environment, and the state-of-the-art tools and equipment are
also included in the work quarters, enabling high quality
engineering and mechanical work in a most efficient manner.
These mobile workshop facilities can also operate on cruise or
ferry terminals without being an eyesore or a source of pollution.
These workshops, in conjunction with multiskilled and highly
motivated personnel, backed by modern mechanical and
engineering tools, including the full array of NDT and UTM testing
equipment, are able to conduct almost any kind of repair which
can be carried out on a vessel while afloat.
Captain Sven Fromm
Managing Director
Clever Marine Services Ltd
te l :
+44 (0)1624 835123
The requirements for ecologically friendly, state-of-the-art equipped and movable
workshop facilities are detailed by Sven Fromm of Clever Marine Services Ltd
Greener and leaner
Example of a research vessel in operation
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