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database of the main occurrences of onshore and offshore metal
deposits is scheduled to be completed in 2018.
The compilation of the Circum-Arctic mineral resource (metallic
ore deposits) map and database will be co-ordinated by the
Geological Survey of Norway, with involvement of experts from the
geological surveys of Canada, Denmark/Greenland, Finland,
Russia, Sweden, Norway and the USA.
The geological surveys of Finland, Sweden and Norway and the
Russian Federal Agency of Mineral Resources have already
developed the common Fennoscandian Ore Deposits Database
), which will serve as a template for the Circum-Arctic
compilation. A simplified bedrock base-map to be used in the
project is provided by the Geological Survey of Canada, and large
parts of the data are already in place.
Minerals in northern Norway
In 2013 the Ministry of Trade and Industry presented a national
mineral strategy which contains a set of co-ordinated policies for
the mineral industry. According to the strategy, growth in the
industry shall be strengthened by continued commitment to
mapping mineral deposits, and the access to information about
mineral resources in Norway shall be improved.
As part of the Norwegian Government’s High North Strategy, a
national programme for the geophysical and geological mapping
of bedrock and mineral resources in the three northernmost
counties of Norway was initiated in 2009. The Minerals in
Northern Norway programme is run by the Geological Survey of
Norway. Coverage of airborne magnetic, electromagnetic and
radiometric data has been extended to cover 75% of the northern
territories, and geochemical and bedrock mapping have been
intensified in prioritised areas.
As new data becomes available, maps and reports are published
as open public information on the survey’s web portal:
The new knowledge and databases of the mineral resources in
northern Norway and the European Arctic will become an
integrated part of the EU mineral intelligence network structure.
The initiative Minerals4EU meets the recommendations of the
Raw Materials Initiative to integrate the best available mineral
expertise and information based on the knowledge base of
member geological surveys and other relevant stakeholders.
The Minerals4EU project will firstly establish the EU minerals
intelligence network structure comprising European minerals data
providers and stakeholders. Minerals4EU will deliver a web portal,
a European minerals yearbook and foresight studies. The network
will provide data, information and knowledge on mineral
resources around Europe based on an accepted business model,
making a fundamental contribution to the European Innovation
Partnership on Raw Materials, seen by the Competitiveness
Council as key to successful implementation of the major EU
2020 policies.
Petrov O V and Smelror M. 2014: Uniting the Arctic frontiers – International
cooperation on circum-Arctic geological and geophysical maps.
Polar Record:
Morten Smelror
Geological Survey of Norway
tel :
+47 73 90 41 80 /+47 91 39 53 66
H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
S O C I E TA L C H A L L E N G E S : E N V I R O N M E N T
Geological field work in northern Norway (photo: Gudmund Løvø/NGU)
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