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The founder and managing director of ecoBETA A/S, Lisbeth
Sylvestre, started her campaign for better water management
with the introduction of the world’s only single button dual flush
in 1999. Her enthusiasm for water conservation, her pioneering
spirit and her belief in this patented technology gradually
gained momentum.
In recent years, the ecoBETA single button dual flush has won
several international prizes for its water-saving potential, design,
operation and quality. As an example, evidence-based research in
England supports that an average household can expect to save
up to 50% of toilet flush water or up to 47 litres per day for an
average family, as confirmed by OFWAT (the Water Services
Regulation Authority in England and Wales), when retrofitting
existing toilets with the ecoBETA dual flush.
Today, ecoBETA A/S works closely with water utilities,
municipalities and property owners, and the products are widely
specified for use in households, commercial offices and
institutions, hotels and conference centres, saving millions of litres
of water every day.
What are your core products on offer?
ecoBETA A/S supplies water efficient dual-flush valves and
retrofits for fitting into just about every type of cistern commonly
found around the world.
The product line also includes a full range of efficient water-saving
devices for use in all consumer applications, such as high quality
connecting hoses and flow reducers for showers and taps, and
water-saving shower heads.
What particular benefits do your products provide
to customers?
By specifying the ecoBETA dual-flush valves and retrofits,
customers gain measurable environmental benefits, substantial
water savings of up to 50% per flush and overall cost savings with
no discomfort whatsoever for the user, as well as the added
benefit of user-friendliness and no maintenance nor any risk of
continuously running water.
In offices, schools and public buildings, the ecoBETA technology
has proven to save around 30% of the water consumption where
toilets typically take up the large share of water.
Two key elements affect the water consumption of flushing toilets:
their design and the user behaviour.
The influence of design on water consumption is obvious as the
flush volume is predetermined to a fixed quantity of water. Here,
the ecoBETA dual flush allows easy adjustment of the small
flush to the minimum volume required by the sewage system,
from 2.5 to five litres or more. Furthermore, the simple and
sturdy product engineering ensures operational reliability
without the risk of leakage.
User behaviour is also emphasised as a crucial aspect, and this is
where the ecoBETA dual flush comes in as a good example of
how a simple change in design can make a huge change in user
behaviour.With only one button (or lever), the design requires the
user to make a small extra effort to use water by holding the lever
or button for a few seconds for the large flush. It is surprising how
much water can be saved, as four out of every five times only the
small flush is required.
In addition, the amount of water saved is associated with
reductions in the need for pumping, transport and purification of
wastewater, energy consumption and carbon emissions.
What are your thoughts regarding Horizon 2020
and the benefits that European funding
programmes can bring?
Horizon 2020 offers ecoBETA A/S the potential to grow by
bringing innovative flush technology with a high potential to save
water to the global market.
The European Commission has identified increasing the efficiency
of flushing toilets as a means to contribute substantially to the
environmental impact, not only due to the benefits of saving water
but also consequently by reducing water consumption, water
pumping, wastewater treatment etc.
A grant will give us a strong boost to activities such as
performance verification, testing, demonstration,
development of pilot lines and support, with a view to
facilitating commercialisation.
Lisbeth Sylvestre
Director/ Owner
tel :
+45 9835 5700
H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
S O C I E TA L C H A L L E N G E S : E N V I R O N M E N T
ecoBETA supplies water efficient dual-flush solutions for fitting into just
about every type of cistern commonly found around the world
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