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H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
H E A L T H : D I S E A S E R E S E A R C H
and disease prevention’ and contributes to
specific criteria to screen good practices in
health promotion and disease prevention.
‘Multimorbidity’ also contributes to good
practice criteria in this field, whilst the final work
package, ‘Diabetes’, will also suitably encourage
good practices. In addition, the work package
contributes to promoting the use of the PKE
among stakeholders, identifying potential good
practices across Europe in these areas.
Core targets
In February, Portal travelled to Brussels to
attend the first JA-CHRODIS General Assembly
meeting and heard the thoughts of Teresa
Chavarría of the ISCIII. In an address to
attendees, Chavarría began by defining the
core targets of the JA, emphasising its
importance and its inclusion of a wide range
of stakeholders.
“We are going to be able to offer health
promotion and chronic disease prevention
practices and interventions … best practice
transfer in the development and
implementation of national diabetes plans
across EU member states and exchange of
practices … based on a high quality
assessment process or methodology through
our PKE.
“We would like our outcomes to become a
source of quality-assessed practices, models
and interventions through the PKE, useful for
EU member states and other countries in
The joint action is
highlighting the use of
social media in 2015
Europe. To do that, we have what we think are specific added values.
We can, within a strong stakeholder community, share experiences,
disseminate and focus on the relevant issues.
“We have the involvement of policy makers through the governing board,
which is integrated with the representatives of the ministries of health of
the 18 member states that are in JA-CHRODIS, and Norway; we need
them for future sustainability. We also count the advisory board, which
will help us with the technical follow-up and give us valuable
recommendations on our work,” Chavarría continued.
“We are also gathering practices and interventions that are based on
quality assessment processes defined by experts and consensus criteria
from European countries. We are developing an open PKE … for us, the
PKE is a mutual place to share, to learn from others, to bridge health
systems and to network.
“Most important of all, it is conducted by experts from all over Europe
and it’s meant to be built for the use of countries and regions, not only
today but also in the future.”
2015 challenges
Chavarría then detailed the key targets for JA-CHRODIS in 2015. She
said it is important to consider the various agendas and thoughts of
numerous stakeholders, including health professionals, patients,
caregivers, citizens, and decision and policy makers. She encouraged
delegates to become actively involved in the JA’s communication plan.
“Our basic challenge is outreach and dissemination – we need to build
synergies and we also need to engage, or progress in the engagement
of, policy makers.
“How will we do this? Outreach and dissemination needs a
communication strategy plan that we have already set up.
“We are attending relevant events to speak and send our messages and,
of course, we have social media; I hope you are all following us on Twitter
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