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H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
H E A L T H : D I S E A S E R E S E A R C H
create something bigger than the sum of its
parts; we have to be as big as possible.
“We are also going to seek feedback and
ideas for the development of the JA from the
stakeholder forum – that’s why we want this
debate and we are really willing to listen to
your ideas.
“Of course, we need the engagement of policy
makers – that’s one of our challenges this year
to progress. How do we do that? Well, we do
that by working on a high quality product,
progressing in our work plans, harmonising
criteria, enhancing collaboration, developing
outcomes of quality that are useful for the
health systems.
“At the end of the day, it’s all about the
people, patients, health professionals, and
stakeholders that are engaged in chronic
diseases across Europe. If we don’t work for
them, this is of no use.”
Drawing together the engagement and
knowledge of multiple stakeholders and
recognising the importance of collaboration are
evidently clear in this year’s work for JA-
CHRODIS. The breadth of the JA and its close
involvement with the EIP-AHA will help ensure
success during its lifetime and that its goals of
sharing knowledge are fully realised, which
could prove vitally important to the EU’s fight
against chronic diseases.
... we plan to update the stakeholders on what we are doing and ask
them for help in the dissemination activities.”
Sharing knowledge
The speaker drew attention to the valuable resource of consulting with
people, in particular the JA’s “community of work package leaders,
associated partners and collaborating partners” as well as the advisory
board and the community of stakeholders.
“We also need to build the synergies,” Chavarría continued, emphasising
the importance of further progress and co-operation. “We are doing it
already, but we need to progress on this by learning and sharing with
the involvement of experts, stakeholders, collaborating partners and other
work packages.
“We need to link with other programmes, JAs and initiatives that are
related to us or that have a strong link with us. To build synergies is to
2 0 2 0
Calling for action
According to the European Commission, major
and chronic diseases (MCD) are those affecting
at least 50 per 100,000 people, together causing
87% of deaths in the EU. MCDs include
cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental health
problems, diabetes mellitus, chronic respiratory
disease and musculoskeletal conditions. Brussels
says that cardiovascular diseases of the heart and
circulatory system are the largest single cause of death in the EU,
accounting for about two million, as well as being responsible for the
largest number of premature deaths before the age of 75 years.
In December 2014, Romanian MEP Cristian-Silviu Bus‚ oi called for the
creation of a new major strategy to combat chronic cardiovascular
disease in the EU. Hosting the first ever ‘Policy Roundtable on Chronic
Cardiovascular Diseases and Familial Hypercholesterolemia’ (FH), the
European People’s Party member said that such a strategy was key
to identifying high risk patients.
FH is the most common genetic cause of premature coronary artery
disease, and Bus‚ oi said that such efforts towards the development of
a framework would help guarantee suitable support for managing
cardiovascular diseases, in addition to creating a patient registry which
would assist with diagnosis, especially within families.
Commenting, Bus‚ oi said: “This first Policy Roundtable on Chronic
Cardiovascular Diseases and FH highlights the commitment of MEPs
and all stakeholders to reducing chronic diseases in the EU, in
particular improving cardiovascular health outcomes. There are
effective actions we can take, and by working together we can
dramatically improve the lives of patients with FH and contribute to
reducing the number of patients with cardiovascular disease.”
The MEP also defined comprehensive screening for FH in the EU as a
priority and called for the creation of an EU-wide FH network to share
data and best practices, including a focus on care pathways. Bus‚ oi is
also a member of the European Parliament’s Committee on the
Environment, Public Health and Food Safety.
Cristian-Silviu Bus‚ oi
The European
Commission says
diseases, such as
heart disease, are the
largest single cause of
death in the EU
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