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eliminate all marketing of food high in fat, salt
and sugar to children through broadcast and
non-broadcast media and all alcohol
advertising and promotion, as well as
sponsorship of all sporting and cultural events
with a cross-border impact.
The Union should also take action to remove
industrially produced trans-fatty acids from, and
reduce salt and saturated fats in, the food
supply in the EU, in addition to promoting and
supporting programmes that encourage and
facilitate increased physical activities.
System adaption
The EU must support member states in adapting
healthcare systems to respond to the growing
burden of chronic diseases, demographic
changes, an ageing population and the
increasing prevalence of co-morbidities.
All relevant stakeholders need to work better
together to improve the provision of services.
There also needs to be much more joined-up
thinking on how to provide prevention and
treatment services and the patient needs to be
placed at the centre of this.
Medical professionals need to adopt a more
multidisciplinary approach to treatment. There
should also be better implementation and
monitoring of existing professional best practice
and treatment guidelines.
Horizon 2020 is in a unique position to address
this major societal issue for the benefit of all
citizens and future generations. The Societal
Challenges pillar – and its health objective in
particular – emphasises chronic diseases as
‘major causes of disability, ill-health, health-
related retirement and premature death’ which
‘present considerable social and economic
costs’, according to the regulation establishing
Horizon 2020.
Engaging multiple stakeholders, including civil
society, has also been highlighted in the Horizon
2020 legislation. The regulation states:
‘Account shall be taken of advice and inputs
provided by independent advisory groups of
high level experts set up by the Commission
from a broad constituency of stakeholders,
including ... civil society.’
Encourage citizens to make healthy choices and build an environment
that promotes health and individual responsibility;
Strengthen the European healthcare workforce – by agreeing on EU-
wide standards for training of healthcare professionals working in
prevention and treatment of chronic diseases;
Strengthen co-operation – between health ministries, insurers, health
professionals, trade unions, employers, patients and other relevant
stakeholders to improve health systems;
Ensure availability of comparable data – by setting up EU registries
for incidence, prevalence and health outcome (aggregation of data
and synchronisation of working approaches across the EU);
Enhance co-operation on research – to overcome existing
fragmentation and duplication of research in Europe; and
Strengthen monitoring and evaluation – by establishing EU-wide
surveillance and screening programmes and financing research into
the effectiveness of prevention and treatment for chronic diseases.
Prevention investment
The EU and its member states must invest in prevention. Currently,
97% of healthcare costs are spent on treatment and 3% on prevention.
The evidence suggests that even a relatively minor increase in
prevention funding will result in considerable health gains and
potentially reduced future healthcare costs. The EU should support its
member states in designing and implementing screening and early
diagnosis programmes that are targeted at hard to reach, vulnerable
and marginalised communities.
Population-wide measures to reduce smoking, alcohol, salt, fat and sugar
consumption and to increase physical activity are the most effective
preventive actions. Using relevant treaty provisions, the EU should ensure
that taxation on tobacco and alcohol is harmonised at a high level across
the Union, taking advantage of the upcoming review on tobacco excise
duties. The Commission should also proceed with EU-wide measures to
H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
H E A L T H : D I S E A S E R E S E A R C H
The ECDA is calling
on European
Commissioner Vytenis
Andriukaitis to ensure
health is implemented
into all policy areas
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