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email: provides up-to-the-minute, invaluable information regarding the European Commission’s latest and largest
ever research and innovation framework programme.
Horizon 2020, worth almost €80bn, will shape the future of scientific endeavour in the European Union. Its widened remit, which
includes the key pillars of Excellent Science, Industrial Leadership and Societal Challenges, means this framework programme will
touch more lives and shape more sectors than any previously. The inclusion of such vital new areas as the Future and Emerging
Technologies platform, which will see unprecedented funding for the Human Brain and Graphene projects, will push Europe to the
forefront of global science. The sheer vastness of this groundbreaking programme, with its myriad areas of focus and significant
resources, demands a need to disseminate the enormous levels of information and scientific results that will be generated. is a website dedicated to providing that information. No area of Horizon 2020 will be left unexplored as we
feature news articles and web interviews on every aspect of the framework programme, with contributors from every sector involved.
This website covers comments from scientists at the pinnacle of their profession to the policy makers at the European
Commission. There is coverage from individual nations, from key Horizon 2020 events and conferences, and from the rest of the
world, to provide the most comprehensive database of tailored information available. Along with its sister site,, and the publications PEN: Science & Technology and PEN: Government, is the
best place to view everything you need to be up-to-date and in touch with the European Union’s flagship policy: Horizon 2020.
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