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H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
S O C I E T A L C H A L L E N G E S : T R A N S P O R T
transforming the current infrastructure:
“Secondly, investment needs in urban mobility
are massive since they are generating most of
the traffic and most of the emissions. The
infrastructure and the fleets for new, collective
transport systems, to make our cities smarter,
need to be put in place.
“Thirdly, important investments are needed to
adapt the European transport system to the
21st Century. Intelligent transport systems
should be deployed at European level to make
the best use of the existing and future
infrastructure and to develop a transport system
which is at the service of the users – citizens
and companies.”
EFSI’s role
Bulc then drew attention to how the EFSI would
both “offer new opportunities” to fund such
requirements in Europe and work in partnership
with existing EU initiatives. Under the
Commission’s plan, the EU guarantee, which
partly funds the EFSI, will draw €3.3bn from the
existing budget of the Connecting Europe
Facility (CEF).
A transport investment plan
Addressing members of the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism
Committee, European Commissioner for Transport
Violeta Bulc
emphasised close
co-operation with MEPs and the significant benefits of the Juncker Investment Plan
Violeta Bulc addressed
members of the
Transport Committee
at the European
Parliament in Brussels
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he European Commission pledges that the Investment Plan for
Europe will help bring forward and realise strategic projects to
the benefit of the European economy. Funding worth €315bn
will be made available to increase Europe’s competitiveness, overturn
falling investment trends, encourage job creation, and develop
infrastructure, human capital and productive capacity with regards to
interconnectivity, all key to the EU Single Market.
A special task force comprising the European Commission and the
European Investment Bank (EIB) has already identified 2,000 projects
from across Europe that could benefit from financing and that are
collectively worth €1.3 trillion. Many of the projects are located in the
transport sector, one industry anticipated to particularly benefit.
Acknowledging the advantages to this sector, the European
Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, addressed members of the
European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism in December
2014. The commissioner began her address by outlining the importance
of working closely with the European Parliament during the policy making
process in the hope of “building trust and collaborating fruitfully”.
European plan
Bulc then moved to outline the three pillars of the Investment Plan for
Europe, namely the creation of the European Fund for Strategic
Investments (EFSI), the development of a credible project pipeline, and
improving the regulatory investment environment in Europe. The
commissioner detailed the significant need for investment in the
European transport sector.
“The investment needs in transport are huge: according to studies
conducted on the nine European corridors, more than €75bn of
investment is needed every year, just on the corridors which are part of
the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T).
“Firstly, investment needs are particularly high for the cleaner modes of
transport – rail and inland waterways – where missing links and
bottlenecks must be solved, notably at the borders, in order to have a
unified and more efficient transport system.
“The necessary infrastructure for cleaner power for transport, such as
the installation of fast electric charging points along the motorways or in
city centres and the deployment of LNG infrastructure in ports, must be
rolled out at European level to break the chicken-and-egg vicious circle.”
The Transport Commissioner then detailed the need to tackle the poor
environmental effects of some transport activities and the importance of
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