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H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
S O C I E T A L C H A L L E N G E S : T R A N S P O R T
zech Technical University in Prague (CˇVUT) is the oldest
technical university in central Europe. Its Faculty of
Transportation Sciences is a leading transport-oriented
faculty in the Czech Republic. The performance of transport
systems is of crucial importance to individual mobility, commerce,
welfare and economic growth worldwide. There are, however,
considerable problems to be overcome; these can be addressed
through the use of intelligent transport systems.
Our faculty offers all the knowhow necessary to challenge new
trends in intelligent and sustainable transport for the future. Our
departments deal with a wide range of problems, from abstract to
applied ones, mainly covering ground and air transport.
Department of Vehicles (K616)
This department has long been involved in scientific activities
based on passive and active safety improvement, testing and
measurement of traditional safety parameters of cars, and real
vehicle crash testing using EEC methodology. In the scope of the
research there is also testing and design of various assistive
vehicle technologies, their interfaces, and ADAS and/or IVIS in-car
systems. The Driving Simulation Research Group, a part of the
department, is aimed at human-machine interaction research in
the field of human factors in transport — especially development
and utilisation of interactive advanced vehicle simulators.
The laboratory has at its disposal all required equipment (eye
tracking, psychophysiological measures, electroencephalography
sensors etc.) to examine drivers’ behaviour in standard and critical
situations. The experiments and research activities are tailormade
to meet the requirements of industrial partners (Skoda Auto,
Volkswagen etc.) and state administrations, and are performed in
accordance with the most recent scientific developments.
Department of Mechanics and Materials (K618)
This department consists of fully equipped laboratories with
experimental devices and computational resources for
deformation and stress analysis of materials and analysis of
complex engineering and scientific problems. The Laboratory of
Experimental Mechanics is equipped with high precision devices
for measurement of a whole range of mechanical and structural
material characteristics using destructive and non-destructive
methods like radiographical measurements, large scale
experiments, and also in-house preparation of specimens of all
types. Analysis of strain and stress fields, effective properties of
heterogeneous materials, and computational fluid dynamics
problems are solved using state-of-the-art numerical methods,
including the finite element method, and statistical signal and
image processing techniques.
Department of Transport Telematics (K620)
This leading department deals with intelligent transport systems.
The main areas of research interest are traffic control and
modelling, the human factor in transportation, identification and
navigation systems, ticketing and information systems, co-operative
systems, the safety and reliability of telematic systems and
equipment, rail interlocking, traffic data collection and processing,
electromobility, satellite technology, environmental pollution
modelling, theoretical telematics, and many others.The department
consists of several specialised laboratories, amongst which are the
Joint Laboratory of System Reliability, Laboratory of Telematics,
Laboratory of Transport Technics, and Laboratory of Traffic Control
and Modelling.The department benefits from comprehensive
experience from frequent co-operation with both private and public
sector institutions and organisations within R&D activities on
national and international levels, or from developing commercial
tailormade solutions.
Department of Air Transportation (K621)
This department co-operates within the CESAer project, which in
part is the reciprocal exchange of PhD and master’s studies
students within the Canada-EU project aimed at cosmic
technologies and aircraft construction studies.
Konviktská 20, Prague 1, 110 00, Czech Republic
More than 300 years of experience in university-level technical education now
targets intelligent and sustainable transport research and development
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