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Research co-operation
Some areas of research and innovation policy
are devolved in the UK to the administrations in
Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. Greg Clark is the
UK’s Minister for Universities, Science and
Cities, and in comments to Portal he
emphasised the importance of collaboration for
the country’s scientific future.
“Science is a truly international discipline that
knows no boundaries. Scientific progress
comes from seeking out like-minded partners
the world over with whom to argue, debate,
collaborate and compete, so international co-
operation, both within Europe and further afield,
is essential to maintain a healthy research
environment and drive innovation in the UK.”
Clark then drew attention to the UK’s
collaborative efforts within the EU and highlighted
the important contributions the country is making
to the continent’s research infrastructures as well
as European research initiatives.
“The UK Government works with administrations
across the world on joint initiatives to help
he UK is an important contributor to the European research and
science landscape. Such significance is illustrated through
attaining a high number of grants from the internationally
admired, but also highly competitive, European Research Council.
According to ERC statistics, UK institutions have hosted over 960 ERC
grantees, more than 20% of the total funded, since 2007.
The EU member state is building upon the positive track record it secured
during the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) – more than 17,300
participants received €6.8bn of funding, and the country exceeded the
EU grant success rate, with 22.7% of UK researchers triumphant in their
applications. The UK was also second only to Germany in securing the
highest FP7 budget share amongst the EU28.
In this edition’s regional viewpoint, Portal assesses the importance of
research and innovation to the United Kingdom and what action is being
taken to build the achievements made in Horizon 2020 so far. With
comments from each of the devolved administrations, Portal hears from
Scotland’s Science Minister, Dr Alasdair Allan, who details strategic
investment in order to remain a leading innovative force; Wales’ Finance
Minister, Jane Hutt, who outlines how the country has become closely
involved in Horizon 2020 during the programme’s first 12 months; and
Northern Ireland’s Enterprise Minister, Arlene Foster, who sets out how
collaborative efforts with the Republic of Ireland are leading to greater
RDI breakthroughs.
United in research
details the significant role the UK plays in EU science and how the
country is supporting the development of a major laser facility in the Czech
Republic thanks to Horizon 2020
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