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reach up to a massive £1.5bn and create up to
5,000 jobs across the wider economy.
By recognising the vital role of science in our
lives, we can instil a fascination and passion
for it through education and then ensure
that the opportunities are there to support
further exploration and research with the
backing of business.
How important is the role of the
chief scientific advisor for Scotland?
The position of chief scientific advisor provides
advice to ministers on all areas of policy. Given
the crucial role of science, engineering and
technology in Scotland’s economy, the CSA has
a central role in evidence-based policy making.
We are currently in the process of recruiting a
new CSA following the departure of Professor
Muffy Calder at the end of 2014.
What action is the government taking to ensure
Scotland remains influential in RDI?
Our science strategy, ‘Science for Scotland’, sets out our commitment
to continue to push our science, technology, innovation and research
sectors. This has involved celebrating scientific discovery at every level;
for example, ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ fosters the skills of our pupils,
while our colleges and universities offer a much greater array of
pathways to develop a career in scientific fields. We are also hugely
proud of the results we are already seeing from our investment in
innovation centres across Scotland, a collaboration between universities,
businesses and others to enhance innovation in and across Scotland’s
key economic sectors.
Scottish Government investment in the overall programme is substantial,
as the Scottish Funding Council provides up to £124m of investment
over a six-year period, with around £80m already committed to the first
eight innovation centres. This funding is an investment in people and
capital and encourages further financial backing from industry.
Across the innovation centre landscape, we expect to see advances in
skills, processes, collaboration and performance leading to a significant
longer term impact on our economy. Based upon the business plans for
individual centres, the cumulative boost to the Scottish economy could
H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
Dr Alasdair Allan
Scottish Government
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Scotland: innovation centre
In August 2014, the Scottish Government announced a fresh
capital investment to its innovation centres worth £14m. It is
envisaged that the investment will further improve the links
between education and industry. The innovation centres are
collaborations between universities, businesses and others to
enhance innovation in and across Scotland’s key economic sectors.
Making the announcement, the then Scottish cabinet secretary for
education and lifelong learning, Michael Russell, said: “The
innovation centre collaborations already in place will help develop
the skills that Scottish business needs to succeed in the global
marketplace in a range of sectors. By using Scotland’s exceptional
research base, we are able to respond nimbly to opportunities for
potential growth. This is an exciting time for the centres, which are
developing practical solutions to challenges faced by industry.
Today’s announcement of £14m for capital investment will build on
the £110m already committed.
“The potential of these partnerships is incredible, bringing together
the research excellence within our universities and the
entrepreneurship within our business sector to deliver real social
and economic benefits.”
There are eight innovation centres located across Scotland,
focusing on important future research sectors. The centres are the
Digital Health Institute, Stratified Medicine Scotland, Centre for
Sensor and Imaging Systems, Industrial Biotechnology Innovation
Centre, Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre, Oil & Gas Industry
Centre, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, and the Data Lab.
The Fraunhofer Centre
for Applied Photonics
is based at the
University of
Strathclyde and is the
first Fraunhofer
institute to be
located in the UK
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