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H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
Executive that will allow QUB and UU
researchers to participate for the first time as
full academic partners in the SFI’s Investigators
Programme, which is funded by DELNI.
Recently, Invest Northern Ireland and the SFI
have met to discuss opportunities for greater
collaboration in the life and health sciences
sector in support of the Northern Ireland
proposition to host an Innovate UK-funded
Precision Medicine Catapult.
Northern Ireland is also harnessing multiple
benefits from the US-Ireland R&D Partnership.
The partnership, established in 2006 and
based on the principles of the 1998 Good
Friday Agreement, involves the governments of
the USA, the Republic of Ireland and Northern
Ireland through the departments of employment
and learning, and health, social services and
public safety, as well as Invest Northern Ireland.
Working together helps to advance scientific
progress through the ‘gold standard’
international peer review of the US National
Science Foundation and the National Institutes
of Health.
The US-Ireland R&D Partnership continues to go
from strength to strength, with ever-closer
co-operation having been developed between
government departments and agencies on the
island of Ireland and with our US counterparts.
Since 2009, 14 projects have been awarded a
total of over £18m (~€24.7m) across all three
jurisdictions. Locally, these projects have
enabled QUB, UU and their research partners to
undertake leading-edge, collaborative research
with eight universities and institutes in the
Republic of Ireland and with 17 institutions in
the United States.
A memorandum of understanding has also
been signed to cover the research areas of
nanotechnology, sensors and wireless sensors,
telecommunications, energy and sustainability,
and international science and engineering.
Since 2010, InterTradeIreland has chaired a North-South steering group
for FP7, and now for Horizon 2020. The steering group is a useful
platform for sharing experiences and discussing strategic approaches
to increase participation in Horizon 2020, particularly amongst SMEs,
and comprises the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment in
the Northern Ireland Executive, Invest Northern Ireland and Enterprise
Ireland, amongst others. Key activities of the group include the sharing
of knowledge on EU R&D policies, Northern Ireland and Republic of
Ireland Horizon 2020 activities, and planning of the annual all-island
‘Collaborate to Innovate’ conference. The conference, which promotes
the EU research and development programmes, was held in Dublin in
December 2014 and was attended by more than 300 people from all
over the island and further afield.
Statistics from FP7 indicate that Northern Ireland participants benefit from
higher success rates when collaborating with organisations in the Republic
of Ireland. Unsurprisingly, from a logistics and language perspective, the
Republic of Ireland is often seen as the first choice of Northern Ireland-
based organisations when searching for the transnational partners
necessary for participation in EU framework programmes.
In addition to Horizon 2020, research links with Science Foundation
Ireland are also providing multiple benefits. A North-South research
collaboration agreement has been established between the SFI and the
Department for Employment and Learning (DELNI) in the Northern Ireland
Arlene Foster
Minister of Enterprise,Trade and
Investment, Northern Ireland
2 0 2 0
The Republic of Ireland
is a major partner for
researchers in
Northern Ireland when
participating in EU R&I
framework programmes
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