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Harnessing co-operation
The success we have achieved so far has been
supported through funding initiatives and
working partnerships. In May 2013, we
established the SCoRE Cymru (Supporting
Collaborative Research and innovation in
Europe) fund, which invests Welsh Government
funds to help businesses, universities and
individual researchers in Wales gain access to
Horizon 2020. SCoRE Cymru can fund up to
£1,000 for travel costs incurred in developing
partnerships and up to £10,000 for accessing
expertise to develop funding proposals and
bids. Since its launch, we have invested
£120,000 in over 30 organisations, with over
75% benefitting small and medium-sized
enterprises in Wales.
We have also been working with stakeholders
across the higher education and business
sectors to share best practice and excellence.
We are also continuing to build a solid Horizon
2020 support network across Wales, the UK
and the EU through resources such as the UK
National Contact Points and Enterprise Europe
Network as well as supporting Welsh experts
and evaluators in their engagement with the
Horizon 2020 process. Through the new
European Structural Funds, we will be
introducing one-to-one specialised support for
Welsh businesses looking to benefit from
Horizon 2020.
Structural Funds
To help drive Wales’ knowledge economy and
create growth and jobs, synergy between
public, private and EU investments will be vital
to maximise their impact. The European
Structural Funds, from which Wales benefits,
present us with excellent opportunities to help
stimulate research and innovation within the
Welsh business community and provide a
stepping stone for accessing Horizon 2020.
The increase in investment for research and
innovation, which we negotiated with the
eveloping world class research and innovation in Wales is a
key priority of the Welsh Government, and one year on from
the launch of Horizon 2020, Wales has already been
successful in winning funds to take forward exciting and groundbreaking
projects. At a recent event in Cardiff to mark the first anniversary of
Horizon 2020, we announced the first wave of Welsh projects that have
secured funds from the research and innovation framework programme.
Funding breakthroughs
One of those projects will drive medical innovation in professional wound
care through the creation of a device that will enhance the healing
process and monitor wounds during therapy. This £2.5m (~€3.4m)
project, known as MEDILIGHT, is being developed by the Monmouthshire
base of Microsemi Corporation, a US multinational semiconductor
solutions provider, with the help of £320,000 of Horizon 2020 funds.
Another successful bid, the £1.6mMarine Investment in the Blue Economy
(MARIBE) project, will see Swansea University benefit from £170,000 of
Horizon 2020 funds to collaborate with 11 other institutions across the EU.
The project will explore opportunities for achieving marine-based economic
growth through large scale pilot initiatives in European seas.
More recently, £13m has been awarded to Cardiff University to develop
a range of new technologies and innovations through 26 science and
society-based projects. This funding will also support the work of young
scientific researchers at the university who demonstrate strong potential
for conducting groundbreaking research in innovative fields.
With further data to soon be published by the European Commission, I
am pleased with the progress we have already made with Horizon 2020
which will enable us to continue to build research excellence and
enhance Wales’ reputation worldwide.
H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
Innovation Wales
Welsh Finance Minister
Jane Hutt
details the impact of the first year of Horizon
2020, drawing attention to several funding achievements and how the country
hopes to continue its success in 2015
Jane Hutt
A range of businesses
and organisations
are benefitting from
Horizon 2020 funds in