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achieved so far. A coherent strategy is in place that will support innovation
in Wales, and it is vital that we continue to engage with higher education
institutions and with as many businesses as possible. This will allow us
to maximise EU investments to support key economic opportunities and
growth sectors in the country.
Through SCoRE Cymru, our strong support network, and a greater focus
and synergy of funds, we are building excellent foundations to create world
class research and innovation in Wales. I look forward to seeing many
more groundbreaking Horizon 2020-funded projects driving success in
the coming years and enhancing Wales’ reputation in the world.
European Commission for the Structural Funds
between 2014 and 2020 in Wales, will help
generate more competitive and private
research income into Wales and boost the
commercialisation of research, developing new
products and technologies.
Indeed, it is no coincidence that the first project
approval through the new Structural Funds
programmes was for Aberystwyth University’s
£35m Innovation and Enterprise Campus, a
clear example of a £20m EU fund investment
that will help build the capacity for research
and increase the opportunities for higher
education and businesses to access Horizon
2020 funding.
More recently, it was announced that £12m of
EU funding would go towards the £20m SMART
Innovation project. The venture will help
stimulate innovation in 700 enterprises across
Wales, leading to new product patents being
registered and increasing their chances of
success in accessing Horizon 2020.
Further EU investment
Of course, it is people that drive excellence and
innovation, and the Welsh Government will be
targeting EU investment to help attract and retain
talented researchers in Wales. EU funds will also
be used to support higher skills and create
opportunities for international collaboration and
the sharing of best practice.
Into our second year of participating in Horizon
2020, the Welsh Government is committed to
working in partnership to build on the success
JaneHutt AM
Minister for Finance and Government Business
Welsh Government
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H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
Celebrating success
Wales is rejoicing after a successful year of participating in Horizon
2020. At an event held in February in Cardiff marking the first
anniversary of the EU R&I framework programme, the Welsh
Minister for Finance, Jane Hutt, announced that two bids for
funding had been approved by the European Commission.
Microsemi Corporation was successful in attracting around
£320,000 of financing to the MEDILIGHT project. Commenting on
the achievement, Jim Aralis, the company’s chief technology officer,
said: “Microsemi is pleased to be part of the MEDILIGHT Horizon
2020 collaboration, and we look forward to working with its world
class partners. The collaboration allows Microsemi to capitalise on
its miniaturisation technologies to help deliver innovative wound
healing solutions.”
Horizon 2020 is also providing funding worth £170,000 to the
MARIBE project involving Swansea University. Speaking about its
success, the university’s collaborative projects officer, Dr Dimitrios
Pletsas, stated: “Through MARIBE, we want to unlock the economic
potential of European waters by improving the understanding of
interrelations between different maritime activities, technology and
the marine environment. This will lead to sustainable growth in the
offshore economy, and securing EU funds through Horizon 2020
has been very important in developing the project.”
Adding her thoughts on these successes, Professor Julie Williams,
chief scientific advisor to the Welsh Government, said: “Coupling
scientific excellence and innovative companies with European
funding will help us build success in Wales in the future, producing
better healthcare, new technologies, more jobs and greater
economic capacity.”
Swansea University is
one of the
beneficiaries of
Horizon 2020 funding
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