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Work packages
Wagener then outlined to delegates the
structure of the Horizon 2020 project and the
various work packages. In his presentation
slides, the work packages were detailed as:
‘Analyse and monitor bi-regional ST&I
partnerships and try to support current and
future research and innovation partnerships’;
‘Facilitate the launch of two new joint calls for
proposals targeting European and African
programme owners like ERAfrica’; ‘Contribute
to evidence-based outcomes of the High Level
Policy Dialogue and facilitate implementation of
recommendations’; ‘Promote EU-Africa ST&I
co-operation as well as RINEA’s activities to a
wider ST&I stakeholder community’; ‘Assure
communication among ST&I user groups’;
and ‘Management’.
Speaking about the third work package,
‘Contribute to evidence-based outcomes of the
High Level Policy Dialogue’, Wagener said it
aims to provide “support for the High Level
Policy Dialogue”. The EU-Africa High Level
Policy Dialogue on science, technology and
innovation was created in 2010, and Wagener
nsuring a project has the right partners and tools will optimistically
warrant success in bringing a new product or service to market.
However, guaranteeing that a venture has suitable partners when
taking place across intercontinental boundaries is a much more complex
task. To help overcome this issue, Horizon 2020 includes funding
provision for Co-ordination and Support Actions. According to the
European Commission, the actions ‘consist primarily of accompanying
measures such as standardisation, dissemination, awareness-raising
and communication, networking, co-ordination or support services, policy
dialogues and mutual learning exercises and studies, including design
studies for new infrastructure, and may also include complementary
activities of strategic planning, networking and co-ordination between
programmes in different countries’. The actions are 100% funded by the
EU institution.
One of the Co-ordination and Support Actions to be funded by the EU’s
latest research and innovation framework programme, Horizon 2020, is
the ‘Research and Innovation Network for Europe and Africa’ (RINEA)
project. The venture includes the participation of the German Aerospace
Center and aims to better implement and realise research, development
and innovation results, particularly between Europe and Africa. In January,
Portal travelled to Brussels to find out more about the project by attending
the ‘EU Development Aid: Experiences and Recommendations from
Stakeholders Driving Science and Innovation’ breakfast seminar.
Addressing delegates, Dr Stefan Wagener, of the Project Management
Agency at the German Aerospace Center, detailed the workings of the
project and its core tasks. He began by outlining its background to the
RINEA project and how it “was most likely to start … in March 2015”,
adding that it comprises “seven African and six European partners”.
However,Wagener drew attention to the fact that seven African partners
is a bit “misleading”, considering the fact that Ethiopia “as a country is
not represented, but it is the seat of the African Union Commission and
we are, at the moment, very happy to have them onboard”.
According to Wagener’s presentation slides to delegates, the other
African partners in the RINEA project are Algeria, Burkina Faso, Burundi,
Namibia, Nigeria and South Africa. Similarly, the European partners are
France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Portugal and the United Kingdom. The
project has a budget of €1.9m over 36 months.
The speaker added that the project has “very experienced European
partners onboard, and in the future we would like to expand this because
… there are still some partners missing which would be very, very
interesting to have onboard”.
H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
S P E C I A L F E AT U R E : E U R O P E & A F R I C A
Realising R&D
Travelling to Brussels,
carries the presentation of the German Aerospace
Dr Stefan Wagener
as he discussed a Horizon 2020 project helping to
better realise EU-African R&D results
A new Horizon 2020-
funded Co-ordination
and Support Action
hopes to encourage
the development of
closer ST&I
collaboration between
Europe and Africa
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