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H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L
partners will contribute at least €2.3bn. By
bringing together large private sector firms,
leading research and technology organisations
and innovative SMEs, Europe’s international
competitiveness in this fast-paced, crucial
sector will be secured.
ECSEL is overseen by a governing board
encompassing members from the ARTEMIS
Industrial Association, the Association for
European NanoElectronics Activities and the
EPoSS, as well as EU member states,
associated countries to Horizon 2020, and the
European Commission.
In 2014, ECSEL ran two calls for research
proposals as part of the EU research and
innovation framework programme. Running
between July and September, the calls had a
collective budget of €270m. Entitled ‘Research
and innovation actions’ and ‘Innovation actions’,
the calls sought proposals on delivering a
hrough the €22bn Innovation Investment Package, the
European Commission has brought together the strengths
of two joint technology initiatives (JTI) to create the
Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership
(ECSEL) Joint Undertaking (JU) as part of Horizon 2020. ECSEL
builds upon the work of the ENIAC and ARTEMIS, as well as the
European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration
(EPoSS), and expects to leverage investments of €5bn to help
Europe ‘underpin next-generation digital technologies’.
According to the Commission, electronic systems and components are
‘essential’ to countless digital products and services across a range of
industries and sectors. Such technology can be found in cars, planes,
trains, as well as medical devices, home appliances and security
systems. Consequently, crucial investment will ensure Europe’s ‘capability
and capacity to design and manufacture state-of-the-art electronic
components and systems’.
The ECSEL JU, based in Brussels, will run for ten years to 2024,
leveraging a research, development and innovation investment. Through
Horizon 2020, the European Commission will invest nearly €1.2bn into
this public private partnership, whilst EU member states and industrial
ECSELing into action
I T E A A R T E M I S C O - S U M M I T 2 0 1 5
At the Co-summit 2015, ECSEL’s
Alun Foster
delivered an insight into the JTI’s
work and the role of the platform in helping Europe remain an international
technology leader
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