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Though the announcement that the Co-summit format is to be replaced
was sad for me personally – I was at the cradle of this idea – it is very
pleasing to see that such a broad sense of community has developed
and to hear that a follow-on format is planned. This is important for
European industry as a whole. While still competing at the product level,
our European companies can do many good things together behind the
scenes to strengthen Europe’s position in global markets.
How is the JU helping to realise new developments and
breaking down research silos?
ECSEL is a large infrastructure changing activity, considering the results
of the research and taking them to the marketplace in a viable way. We
need to consider the origin of innovation, pulling results from various
sectors and locations across Europe into ECSEL’s structures and thus
building new platforms.
However, we need to have the right components to realise these new
products and services in the marketplace, and here we use existing
knowledge, drawing upon the results of past ARTEMIS projects, as well
as ITEA projects or indeed those of any other scheme.
People often refer to an ‘innovation funnel’ – the results of many projects
going in at the beginning and only some making it through to the end.
What ECSEL is doing is building the end part of the funnel, taking the
best results from previous projects and introducing them into the
marketplace in a very efficient way. It is important that we do not work
in silos, but instead we regard this as one continuum and ensure that
there is a place for real results in the marketplace. This is our vision for
ECSEL, and it is important to build good relationships to achieve this.
We have a philosophy that has always been promoted within ARTEMIS
– when you work in a silo it only leads to self-serving advantages, rather
than yielding genuine benefits. It is necessary to demonstrate how a
project will benefit multiple sectors in an easy to read language. Trying
to break down silos and showing that the technology is not there for its
‘smart’ world in the areas of mobility, society,
energy, health and production, as well as
delivering ‘essential technologies’ in the fields
of process and design, ‘cyber-physical systems’
and ‘smart systems integration’. Calls along
similar lines will once again run this year,
though with a smaller budget.
Attending the Co-summit 2015, Portal travelled
to the German capital of Berlin in March and
spoke to Alun Foster, the head of plans and
dissemination at the ECSEL JU. Speaking on the
sidelines of the conference, Foster detailed the
accomplishments of the JTI since beginning its
work in 2014, the leading role Europe is playing
in the electronic components and systems
sector, and the increasing importance of EU
Structural Funds in supporting ECSEL’s work.
What have been the main
achievements of the ECSEL JU
so far?
Since its creation, ECSEL has been very busy.
We have an office of a very small number of
people, and our work has been, on the one
hand, to continue supporting the previous
ARTEMIS and ENIAC JU projects, whilst on the
other hand, we have also developed a
multiannual strategic plan. We ran two calls in
2014 and have completed all the preparatory
work for the calls in 2015. This is a lot to have
achieved in such a short time.
How would you evaluate the
relationship with ARTEMIS
and ITEA?
While I cannot speak on their behalf now, I do
observe that the relationship has certainly
evolved since the start of ARTEMIS and the
other JTIs. At the start of the Co-summit 2015,
we looked back at what has been achieved, and
it is clear that this is quite a lot. When the JTIs
began, there was very much an arm’s length
relationship due to the very new construction
that ARTEMIS was back then, but as time went
on it became clear that ITEA and ARTEMIS
share a common vision yet are two distinct
instruments available to industry, which over
time has led to a much closer understanding.
According to Foster,
ECSEL is “taking the
best results … and
introducing them into
the marketplace”
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