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grodome runs an innovation and knowledge centre for

ecological and bio-based building. The mission of

Agrodome is to stimulate and facilitate the transition of

the building industry to an industry based upon a circular, bio-

based economy. The aim of our mission is to improve the building

sector by using building materials which cause as little damage to

the environment as possible and create a comfortable and

healthy indoor climate. To reach this goal we work on research, the

development of products and the creation of market strategies for

stakeholders in the building sector.

The office of Agrodome is based in a demonstration house for the

use of renewable building materials inWageningen, the Netherlands.

Network organisation

Agrodome is a network


have a small core group

and a broad network of experts available. The experts of

Agrodome are involved in lifecycle assessment (LCA) and

environmental product declaration (EPD) projects, demonstration

projects, expositions and knowledge exchange projects in the field

of eco-building concepts, materials and products.

LCA studies

Agrodome helps companies make visible their environmental

impact by performing LCA studies. To translate LCAs for

communication purposes, we make EPDs. Based upon these

studies, we give advice to manufacturers on how to improve their

products to reduce environmental impact.

Agrodome works on national and European levels

Agrodome was the Dutch partner in Interreg IVB. The new project

‘Cycle Assessment Procedure of the Eco-impacts of building

Materials’ (CAPEM) was part of the Interreg IVB cluster project

ENVIREO, a cluster on sustainable building. Both projects ended

in 2014. Agrodome is now an observer in the Interreg IVB project

Grow2Build (developing flax and hemp for use in the building

sector) ending this year.

Agrodome is a member of the European CAPEM group, which was

formed after the Interreg project. Other group members include

cd2e and Globe 21 (France), National Green Specification and

Renuables (UK), and VIBE (Belgium). The group is active in the

building sector in the field of cycle assessments of the eco-

impacts of materials and has demonstration centres to inform

about the use and possibilities of building materials, products

and concepts. CAPEM is a member of the ECO Platform, a

platform to create a European system for EPDs. The CAPEM group

is also leading the Product Environmental Footprint thermal

insulation pilot study for the European Commission.

Building SME clusters and co-operating

Agrodome believes in co-operation to strengthen knowledge and

market power.

As such, Agrodome became secretary of the Green Deal Biobased

Building, which gathered approximately 40 SMEs, knowledge and

education organisations active in the construction sector together

with the ministries of economic affairs, infrastructure and

environment, and home affairs

( Th


initiative aims to create a level playing field for bio-based

products and is being developed by teams that focus on the

position of bio-based materials, products and construction

concepts in environmental and building regulations, how to

improve knowledge sharing, and ways to develop a common

communication and marketing strategy for bio-based materials,

products and construction concepts.

Agrodome is also a member of Green Deal Circular Buildings

(concerning the role of the circular economy for utility buildings)

and Green Deal Natural Fibres (concerning the optimal use of

natural fibres like hemp and flax), and has a lot of projects

running with educational centres on various levels for innovation

of ecological and bio-based building products.

Developing tools, making knowledge accessible

Agrodome has co-created information tools on website bases to

make them easily accessible and future-proof.

A short introduction of Agrodome’s activities and how they can achieve better

building for the future

Better building for the future



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