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CAPEM Compass

CAPEM Compass is an online tool to compare building materials

in terms of their environmental impacts. This tool is based on the

CAPEM Method, an affordable, harmonised European LCA

method.With data from the CAPEM database, CAPEM Compass

presents the environmental impact of building materials. The

CAPEM Method and CAPEM Compass are based on European

standards and are applicable in all European countries.With

CAPEM Compass you can compare building products over 14

environmental impacts, namely human health, global warming,

biodiversity and resource depletion, including the effects of

transport from gate to building site. CAPEM Compass allows for

the possibility of picking out a material based upon the

preferences of the customer



iBuildGreen is an online home planner and a communication

platform to interactively present the various home options

available and to efficiently process individual wishes, including the

environmental impacts of these choices, in order to stimulate

better environmental behaviour from homeowners at an early



Kennisbank Biobased Bouwen (Knowledge bank bio-based building)

With partners from the green deal we have created the knowledge

databank about bio-based projects and products. The knowledge

bank is open to all producers, architects and project developers

who want to show off their products and projects, but only if their

product or project is truly bio-based. An editing board of

independent experts (including Agrodome) controls the content.

This knowledge bank is freely available on the internet for



Expositions: showing materials, products and concepts

Biobased Pavilion

Agrodome developed the Biobased Pavilion, in which more than

60 companies with bio-based and ecological solutions can

display their products. The CAPEM exposition, part of this pavilion,

is one of the expositions in the larger Innovation Centre for

Sustainable Building in Rotterdam (the Netherlands; ICDuBo).

More than 250 companies with sustainable building solutions

exhibit their products in the ICDuBo, and meetings, workshops

and conferences are organised there. The centre is also linked to

Concept House Village, a nearby place where students and

professionals create building concepts in reality as showcases. In

some projects, Agrodome participates with input about the use of

materials, products and building concepts.

To lower the barriers for all those interested in a better building

practice, we developed

, a virtual exposition

about sustainable building. Open 24/7 with about 200

companies demonstrating sustainable solutions for the building

sector, this exposition is freely available on the internet


Agrodome is interested in being involved in projects related to

reducing the environmental impact of building materials, products

and concepts.

Ir G F (Fred) van der Burgh

Senior Project Manager


tel :

+31 317 427570

H O R I Z O N 2 0 2 0 P R O J E C T S : P O R TA L




S O C I E TA L C H A L L E N G E S : E N E R G Y