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Nimbus industry

IoT applications in industry drive innovation and growth –

almost any object, process or service can be improved by

making it clever and connected, improving process efficiency,

adding value to customers and giving businesses a competitive

edge. Nimbus offers a research and development service to

Irish businesses, helping them augment existing products,

enhance systems and processes, or create something that the

market has never seen before.

Nimbus has been described as “a place that gets stuff done”,

which is evident with over 200 completed industry projects –

companies appreciate the “one stop shop” approach taken to

innovation. Nimbus delivers a whole system solution with a

customer-focused business ethos that is very welcomed by

companies used to more traditional academic research centres.

Services on offer include idea development and filtering,

commercial validation, prototype development, trials and

commercialisation supports. Nimbus also provides a funding

support service, where SMEs can consult with the centre on

various funding options under H2020, Science Foundation

Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and more. Nimbus has delivered an

impressive portfolio of solution-based industry projects, bringing

innovative solutions to market and providing support to SMEs in

line with Ireland’s H2020 Strategy.

Nimbus trialling

Academic research is often criticised for failing to make the leap

from laboratory to real world. Nimbus has addressed this by

making the real world an extended laboratory through Litmus, a

large-scale test-bed suite in energy, water and community. Litmus

is a public facility where Nimbus supports its research and

industry partners to develop, test, trial and demonstrate

applications, products and services in real world environments.

The ‘Energy Testbed’, located at the Nimbus Centre, is a whole-

building ‘energy and power management technology

demonstrator’, scalable to a district or campus level. It allows

access to buildings and infrastructure to trial new control, heating,

energy generation and storage technologies.

The ‘Water Testbed’ is a joint venture between Nimbus and Cork

County & City councils. The technological knowledge of Nimbus is

leveraged with both councils’ extensive experience in water

management. Partners have both the technical resources at

Nimbus and water infrastructure across all of Cork City and

County at their disposal.

Nimbus has engaged the support of the council, businesses and

citizens of Mallow (10,000 population), to use the town as a

large-scale ‘Community Testbed’ for connected networks and

innovative products and services, ensuring usability before

commercial rollout. A 1Gbps fibre connection is available for

research purposes.

Litmus supports the strategic objectives of Nimbus, through local

and international engagement and delivering diverse projects with

social and economic impact. Litmus strengthens Ireland’s position

as an ICT hub with unique infrastructure, attracting inward

investment and providing a world class service to industry and

academic partners.

Nimbus learning

Nimbus supports the delivery of the next generation of

researchers through postgraduate research opportunities to

doctoral level, an active annual internship programme, and

engagement with student learning across many departments

in CIT. Sponsoring a postgraduate student can allow a

company to investigate longer term research topics that extend

beyond internal resources. Opportunities are also available for

those working in industry to undertake postgraduate research

in their workplace.

What we offer

Nimbus is ideally positioned for future European collaborations,

as partners have access to unique research infrastructure, support

can be leveraged from a variety of strong partnerships and

Nimbus employs a multidisciplinary team who can meet the

requirements H2020 programmes demand.

Dr Dirk Pesch

Head of Centre

Nimbus Centre

Cork Institute ofTechnology

tel :

+353 214335560

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