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he Champalimaud Foundation (CF) focuses on cutting-

edge research and strives to stimulate new discoveries

and knowledge which can improve the health and

wellbeing of people around the world. The foundation is active in

the fields of oncology and neuroscience by means of research

programmes and the provision of clinical care of excellence. The

foundation also supports the fight against blindness, primarily

through the annual €1m António Champalimaud Vision Award.

The majority of the foundation’s activities are hosted at the

Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown (CCU). In seeking to

achieve significant advances in biomedical science the

Champalimaud Foundation focuses on a translational

methodology, which establishes a direct link between research

carried out in the laboratory and the diagnosis and treatment

offered in the clinic. This connection and interdependency is at

the core of the foundation’s mission to bring the benefits of

biomedical science to those most in need.

More than anything, the Champalimaud Foundation works to

improve the health and wellbeing of humanity by actively

searching for solutions which can alleviate the burden of disease

in individuals and in society as a whole.

Champalimaud research

The Champalimaud Foundation is committed to advancing

scientific research through its Champalimaud research structure,

dedicated to neuroscience, cancer and associated cancer

biology; seeking synergies, collaboration and translation across

all areas.

In the field of neuroscience, CF investigators explore the neural

bases of behaviour through a research programme currently

comprising 17 groups and over 200 dedicated researchers,

technicians and support staff. The programme counts on the

expertise of a multinational team brought from leading institutes

such as the USA’s Harvard University, Cold Spring Harbor

Laboratory and the National Institutes of Health.

The Champalimaud neuroscience research methodology seeks to

facilitate the quest of scientists to forge new links between

nervous system function and behaviour. The neuroscience

laboratories apply advanced molecular, physiological and imaging

tools to elucidate the function of neural circuits and systems.

Scientific goals are represented not by a particular field within

neuroscience, but by the full intellectual scope of the scientists of

the programme. The aspiration is to help those scientists to reach

their full creative potential and to promote collective

achievements beyond those reachable by individual scientists or

laboratory groups.

The success of the Champalimaud Foundation’s neuroscience

research is reflected in the grants and awards already received by

its scientists. In recent years researchers have received multi-

million-euro grants from the European Research Council, two

prestigious grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and

several awards from the Human Frontier Science Programme.

The foundation’s neuroscience research activities are supported

by a comprehensive educational programme. In addition to

regular in-house meetings and courses, the Champalimaud

Foundation hosts the International Neuroscience Doctoral

Programme, which aims to provide students of diverse

backgrounds with a platform to perform innovative and

interdisciplinary work in basic or applied neuroscience at an

international level.

A comprehensive cancer research programme is also underway at

the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, incorporating core

facilities such as a tumour bank, experimental pathology and

leading molecular technology, together with the search for the

best scientific talent from around the world to lead the cancer

research teams. The cancer research priority is to reveal the basic

mechanisms of cancer and metastasis development, with the

objective of bringing advances to the bedside and improving the

quality of life of our patients.

Working continuously on the leading edge of innovative research, the

Champalimaud Foundation aims to achieve new discoveries and knowledge to

benefit health and wellbeing the world over

The Champalimaud




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