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At the core of the Champalimaud Foundation’s methodology is

the notion of interdisciplinary collaboration. Nowhere is this

better demonstrated than in some of the cutting-edge

translational science being carried out at the CCU. In particular,

our cancer and neuroscience teams are currently collaborating

on the development of an advanced project to link preclinical

and clinical magnetic resonance imaging. Through two powerful

magnetic bore scanners, Champalimaud researchers are

currently pioneering new magnetic resonance techniques

designed to directly map neural activity. The combination of the

facilities used at the CCU offers a considerable step forward in

research related to brain imaging.

In addition to this pioneering work in macro-imaging, the

foundation also works at the vanguard of micro-imaging through

its in-house use of two-photon microscopes.With this type of

technological capacity and expertise, the Champalimaud

Foundation relies on one of the most comprehensive and

advanced scientific platforms.

The preclinical and clinical imaging facilities at the

Champalimaud Foundation constitute one of the top centres for

imaging in Europe, and match world class expertise in

manipulating and imaging single cells in behaving organisms.

Champalimaud Clinical Centre

The Champalimaud Clinical Centre (CCC) is a cutting-edge facility

containing the most advanced conditions for clinical care,

research, technological innovation and teaching. Its core mission

is to provide premier patient management of oncologic,

neuropsychiatric and related diseases.

World class oncology care

The CCC is a unique structure, comprising a clinical facility for

cancer diagnosis, treatment and research, backed by the most

advanced technology and expertise. Its core mission is to offer the

very best patient management supported by programmes of

translational research designed to discover new therapies and

clinical techniques.

In all aspects of work the CCC strives to personalise therapy and

improve clinical outcomes. The CCC offers a full spectrum of

clinical services, including risk assessment, active surveillance,

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