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early diagnosis, treatment, counselling and follow-up, as it seeks

to define new standards of patient care. The CCC utilises, wherever

possible, an outpatient methodology, often bringing care directly

into the homes of those in need.Working in this way allows every

stage of disease to be followed and treated by the CCC’s

experienced team of healthcare professionals.

Cancer care at the Champalimaud Clinical Centre is organised

into multidisciplinary disease management teams (DMT) –

comprising, among others, medical oncologists, radiation

oncologists, anaesthetists, surgeons, nuclear medicine specialists,

pathologists, nurses, imaging specialists, scientists, nutritionists

and psycho-oncologists – who meet regularly to determine the

most effective management of each individual patient. The DMTs

currently cover the most frequent types of cancer including lung,

breast, prostate, gynaecological, stomach, skin, colorectal and

bladder cancers, myelomas and lymphomas.

In the four years since first opening its doors the CCC has grown

rapidly in a focused expansion designed to offer comprehensive

and world-leading prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

In 2014 the CCC offered over 35,000 medical consultations,

30,000 imaging appointments, 14,000 radiotherapy sessions,

over 1,000 surgeries, and 8,000 chemotherapy sessions. Annual

growth in patients treated has exceeded 100% year-on-year since

work began.

When possible and medically relevant, the CCC offers patients the

opportunity to participate in clinical trials. These types of studies

are designed to advance the field and find improved treatments

and paradigms.

The Champalimaud Clinical Centre’s emphasis on innovation in

order to develop new treatment options is evident in many of the

therapeutic tools it employs to fight cancer.


The Radiotherapy Department utilises the most advanced

equipment and techniques in the field of radiation oncology to

treat cancer. The recent introduction of new radiation delivery

techniques, such as online image guidance and tumour tracking,

has enabled extremely precise targeting of tumours while

maximally avoiding normal tissue exposure. Application of such

techniques has facilitated the introduction of single dose image-

guided radiotherapy (SD-IGRT), utilising ultra-high dose

exposures to ablate tumours. This technique yields an

unprecedentedly high (>90%) toxicity free local tumour cure rate,

regardless of tumour type.

The Champalimaud team has become the world leader in utilising

the revolutionary SD-IGRT approach to treat oligometastatic

disease as well as a number of primary tumours including

prostate, lung and liver. In 2014 the radiotherapy team treated

over 1,000 patients with over half receiving the full treatment in

just a few (or single) sessions.With vastly improved patient

comfort and convenience along with the strong possibility of

enhanced clinical outcome, this form of treatment is a revolution

in medicine, with the Champalimaud Foundation at the forefront.

The CCC’s physicians and scientists participate in the

development of the latest forms of radiotherapy technology, and

the centre is able to offer the most state-of-the-art therapeutic

devices to its patients. Clinicians at the CCC were the first team in

the world to utilise Varian’s EDGE radiosurgery system, and have

become the world leaders in using this technology to deliver

treatment in only a few, and often single, sessions. In addition, the

Champalimaud team has also established one of the world’s

leading schools for advanced clinical techniques in radiotherapy,

offering education and training to clinical professionals from all

over the world.

With its internationally acclaimed faculty, expertise on the most

advanced medical devices, and a commitment to advancing the

field through translational research, the Champalimaud Clinical

Centre offers an unrivalled radiotherapy service to its patients

and leads the way in the implementation of new and effective

forms of technology.

Advanced surgical solutions

The Champalimaud Clinical Centre utilises a range of cutting-edge

surgical solutions in order to achieve the very best clinical

outcomes. It works at the vanguard of development and use of

the most advanced surgical approaches and technological

innovations. In addition to conventional surgical equipment, the



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