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Pan EuropeanNetworks:


Europe remains on something of a knife edge. Both home and abroad issues are taxing the finest

political minds in Brussels, with no clear solutions seemingly coming to the fore.

At home, the very real possibility of a Greek exit from the euro has been joined, as a result of the

general election result in May, by the certainty of a referendum on the UK’s continued membership of

the European Union by 2017.

Elsewhere, Brussels continues to grapple with its approaches to both the conflict in east Ukraine and the

Islamic State insurgency. But it is the tragedy of African and Middle Eastern migrants attempting to reach

Europe by sea that is perhaps the most defining moment of European policy currently. The deaths of

thousands of desperate people can no longer be ignored. A Europe-wide solution is urgently needed.

Among the key individuals who appeared in PEN: Government 14 are:


Andrus Ansip – EU Vice-President;


Phil Hogan – Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development; and


Corina Cret¸u – Commissioner for Regional Policy.

Issue 15 of Pan European Networks: Government will be published in August 2015.

UK tel: +44 (0)1260 273 802

Brussels tel: +32 (0)249 403 57